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who we are

The team concerned with this Citizens Engagement Platform are the staff of the African Centre for Rural Development & Environment(ACERDEN) based in Enugu, Nigeria. They comprise of full-time staff,part-time staff, volunteers as well as resource persons and consultants. Overall, ACERDEN works with about twenty-five(25) staff of various categories.

The photograph presented on this Platform shows the key members of the project team. These include(from the left) Rhoda Ada Ezeh(Accountant), Geraldine C. Ebeh( Monitoring & Evaluation Officer),Prof. Daniel S. Ugwu( Chairman/CEO & Project Coordinator) and Ogochukwu V. Nwankwo( Admin./IT Officer).


Enhance understanding

Enhance better understanding and interest of the citizens in the government budget process.

Promote citizens participation

Promote citizens participation in the budget process in order to enhance accountability,transparency and good governance.

Facilitate relationship

Facilitate a strong relationship between the government and the citizens that are being governed.

effective service delivery

Enhance effective service delivery to the people as well as feedback mechanism for better performance on the part of the government.


Promote anti–corruption activities in support of the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

  • Scope of this Platform

    The platform is expected to undertake and cover a wide range of issues including democracy and governance as well as development across sectors such as agriculture, nutrition and food security, water,sanitation and environment, education/literacy, healthcare, poverty reduction, gender issues,among other social development goals(SDGs) of the United Nations(UN).

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